We have been together for over a DECADE. I know, that sounds absolutely insane to me! We met when we were in high school through a mutual friend in 2010 and have been inseparable ever since. We tied the knot in 2013. 


We have so many hobbies that it's hard to list them all. We really are one of those couples that loves all of what life has to offer. However, we really enjoy spending time with our friends, working out together in our home gym, exploring outdoors and late nights on our xbox.  


Last but certainly not least, we love to travel. We thrive most when we get the opportunity get out (mostly in
the sun lol) and create. The fact that we get to bring our three and show them how beautiful the world can be is the cherry on top. 

One of our most asked questions is HOW we got into boudoir and why we choose to specialize in boudoir. This is a loaded question and might contain some sensitive information. So, please read but know there is a small trigger for loss + miscarriage. We share this in hopes that it will help you get to know our "WHY". We feel like our why is so important because it shows just how passionate we are about what we do and how passionate we are about YOU and providing you the life changing experience that we know that this can be.  

So, why BOUDOIR?  

If you didn't know, we are parents to three beautiful little girls. And like any parent excited to capture every moment of their littles lives, we started taking pictures. I was gifted her my first camera by my mother. Little did she know that it would be a life changing gift. 

Throughout our pregnancies we experienced multiple miscarriages. 7 to be exact. With each miscarriage, I lost more and more of myself. At the time I was a full time student, a mom, wife, a hobbyist photographer and grieving. I was neglecting my self care to give all of the energy to all of the other responsibilities in my life. This was a vicious cycle till one day I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize who was looking back at me. I spent hours crying because I was hurting. I was heartbroken but mostly devastated by the fact that I let myself get to the point where I didn't feel beautiful, I didn't feel confident and I was so lost with who I was or where I wanted to be. Sure I was in college, I had a beautiful family, an amazing husband but who was Alicia Horning? I started taking on small photography projects because they brought me joy. But I still felt like I was watching someone who was going through the motions of life without actually appreciating every moment in the body that was mine. I finally reached a point where I was DONE feeling that way.

I had heard about the genre of boudoir as I learned more and more about photography. I practiced on a friend and absolutely loved it. It was one of the hardest things iv ever photographed at the time but also the most rewarding. 
I decided that I would invest in one for myself. When I tell you it was absolutely the best investment iv ever made. I recieved my images and cried. No, bawled. I couldn't believe it. The photographers I worked with at the time had loved working with me and knew that I had my own little side hobby. They sent me a message and said that they would love to offer me a mentorship. I jumped at the opportunity. 

I spent nearly three years mentoring, learning everything I possibly could. After 2.5 years, they came to me and said that they felt their heart pulling them to move. They told me how amazing it was to work with me and that I was born to do this. That they hoped I would continue shooting boudoir even if it meant that they were no longer here. At this time, I was nearly graduated with my Bachelors and it was coming to a time where I had to make a decision. Healthcare or Photography. And quite honestly? There was no question. I graduated but didn't even begin looking for a job to use my degree. I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do and I never looked back. 

I have been shooting boudoir since 2017 and I wouldn't dream of doing anything else.


 I was taking self portraits for a creative project I was working on and was really struggling. When my husband Tucker asked to help, I quickly accepted his offer.

I never in a million years would have considered my husband a creative person. And not in the sense that he had no artistic talent, just that I didn't ever see him wanting to take part in this form of art. It was in that moment he surprised me. I handed him my camera and he photographed me in such a beautiful way, I was shocked. I was even more shocked at the fact that he was having so much fun. 

Once we were done shooting I asked him why he wanted to take photos of me. His response once again shocked me. He began to explain that as I taught him how to photograph me, he loved seeing my eye's light up. He shared that he saw that I was so in love with what I did and was so passionate about the art that I created with my clients that he too wanted to be apart of something so life changing and empowering. We continued with my self portraits and when we were done, he asked me how I would feel if I would be willing to teach him everything I knew so that maybe he could have the opportunity to work with me. I agreed. Every opportunity we had, we would shoot. Tucker would photograph me, our friends, and models that were willing to work with him to gain experience.  

Tucker has now been shooting boudoir with me since 2020 and I couldn't imagine Onyx and Sage Studios without him. 

Tucker has been such a great addition in so many ways. Not only do I get to share my passion with my husband but I get to work and make life changing art with my best friend. Of course we offer our clients the option to have him there during their session as we know that this is a very intimate form of photography. Tucker is very understanding that for some clients, they prefer to work solely with me. However the clients that have had the opportunity to work with both Tucker and I, RAVE about the experience they have with us both. The benefit to having Tucker there for your experience is having two professional, award winning photographers, two perspectives and double the photo opportunities. Not only does Tucker have an amazing eye for photography, his positive energy is contagious and he really brings such a calm fun energy to sessions. His #1 priority is our clients comfort and ensuring that they feel heard and respected throughout their experience. I couldn't be more thankful for his dedication to his craft but also to our clients.  

Through our many years of photography, we have met so many amazing women and men.
 We have seen so many eye's light up at the sight of themselves.
We have seen such beautiful realizations of self worth and self love.
We have seen love grow as partner's look into each others eyes as their connection is documented.
We have seen expecting mothers love their maternity bodies as they go through beautiful yet immense change.
 Most importantly, we have had the pleasure to make a difference in such a beautiful way.
Everyday we are thankful for the trust our clients have in us.

 We are passionate about YOU.
About your STORY.
 About your WHY. 

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you . xx 

 Fast forward to 2020


Hey there, Im Tucker! 
Im Alicia's husband, associate photographer and lead videographer. I really started to enjoy video the deeper I immersed myself in the creative space. I love that I can offer something outside of Alicia's wheelhouse.
A bit more about me, I was in the military for 6 years. I served one deployed in Iraq and Kuwait as a lead gunman. I thought I would be in the military for the majority of my life but once our first daughter came into this world, everything changed. I decided to get out and join our local fire department. I am now a volunteer firefighter for the NFD.

 A few other things I enjoy are working out with my wife, playing video games, hunting, learning about wilderness survival, Pokémon Go with our girls and getting outside and making memories. Iv really prioritized finding new and unique activities I can do with my girls to spend time and I am thankful that I wont have to miss making these memories with them.



Hiii! ! Im Alicia.
If you read our "WHY" I want to thank you for taking the time to read it. It's the reason I'm here offering these services to you today and without going through them, who knows where I would be.  

A bit more about me personally, I am a Libra. I dabble in astrology but my knowledge is very beginner. Im finding myself more everyday, That used to stress me out but as I get older, Iv realized that I'm forever evolving... and there's something really special about that.

Other things I enjoy are working out, gaming (Specifically a good COD game), and being outdoors in the sun. I thrive in the sun. Being on some form of beach is my ideal place to be but you won't catch me casually swimming in the ocean. 

I'v seen Jaws. 

"Alicia and tucker are the definition of badass pros. they made me feel so comfortable in front of THE camera and the images i received are to die for!"

- ashley w.

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